Audition : Audition for SHADOWLAND STAGES 2019 SEASON at Shadowland Artists Inc. in Ellenville on 04/13

Shadowland Stages2019 Season – Ellenville, NY EPA
Shadowland Artists Inc.

Sat, Apr 13, 2019
9:30 am – 5:30 pm (EDT)
Lunch 1 to 2

No advanced appointments. AEA actors seen on first come, first seen basis.

SPT SPT Tier 3 $344//week minimum. (Pending)

Equity actors for various roles in the season.

Please prepare a brief monologue and have a brief contrasting monologue ready if asked.

Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together

Shadowland Theatre
157 Canal St
Ellenville, NY 12428-1503

Artistic Director: Brendan Burke (at auditions)

NOTE: Pursuant to the terms of a concession made to this employer’s agreement, the employer has agreed that any Equity member who attends this call will have an opportunity to be seen.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of audition.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

2019 Season with available roles:
MAN by D.W. Gregory. Director: Brendan Burke.
1st rehearsal May 14, 2019; Runs May 31 – June 16, 2019.
ACTOR 1: Alexi: 30’s; an intelligent, quirky, Russian man with an incredible memory; he also plays Azarov, a carnival performer. All Ethnicities
ACTOR 2: Kreplev: 50’s; a skilled and subtly intimidating Soviet government investigator with a secret past; also plays Alexi’s older brother Vasily in 1938.
ACTOR 3: Natalya Berezina; 40’s, a Russian psychologist, protective and caring of her subject Alexi, but needs to be published; also plays Madame Demidova, a displaced nosey aristocrat.
ACTOR 4: 40-50’s; Plays Utkin, Alexei’s frustrated editor; Sonia, Alexi and Vasily’s mother; Miss Markayevna, Alexi’s childhood teacher; and Peasant woman. Seeking fun and versatile actress.
by Jen Silverman. Director: Nagle Jackson.
1st rehearsal: June 4, 2019. Runs June 21 – July 14, 2019.
SHARON: 54; Midwesterner, newly divorced, quietly, and unbeknownst to her, going through a mid-life crisis. The arrival of a “roommate” to share her home liberates her and releases a bouquet of inner demon. All ethnicities.
ROBYN: 56; a self-proclaimed lesbian and mother of an estranged daughter. Trying to escape from a riotous career as a con-artist, auto thief and drug dealer – “There’s a great liberty in being bad” – she has moved to Iowa City! Unwittingly she brings out the worst in her new roommate. All ethnicities.


by Paul Porter. Director: Brendan Burke.
1st rehearsal: June 25, 2019. Runs July 19 – August 18, 2019.
NOTE: Seeking actors with strong improvisation background.
BARBARA DEMARCO: 20-30’S; a young Bette Midler, wise-cracking, gum-snapping, nail polishing hairdresser, very dishy and put together, though on the cheap side. She keeps “Shear Madness” running, answering phones, taking appointments and restocking shelves; she is likable, ambitious and streetwise and can spot a bad dye job from 20 paces. All ethnicities.
MIKEY THOMAS: 20’s; a preppy-looking, eager-beaver who’s a capable and earnest undercover cop fresh out of school, gets his hair washed and blown dry at every performance. All ethnicities.
TONY WHITCOMB: 30’s; the flamboyant, irrepressible proprietor of the Shear Madness salon. Fun, devilish, interesting, passionate and must not be jaded in any way. His “shoot from the hip” comedy must endear him to all. Great physical comedian who must love “playing for an audience” and gossiping. All ethnicities.
EDDIE LAWRENCE: 30-40’s; well-dressed, nice-looking confident man who covers a dangerous interior with a smooth, suave, and (sometimes) charming exterior. All ethnicities.
NICK: 30-50’s; is a handsome, masculine, hard-working “gumshoe” detective responsible for keeping the investigation at “Shear Madness” on track; seeking a personable character actor who can handle the audience, and can also be an excellent comic straight man. All ethnicities.
MRS. SHUBERT: 50-70’s; an old-money socialite of impeccable breeding and manner, can really turn on the charm when needed, at her finest she’s a real class act. Gets hair washed and blown out at every performance. Note: Must speak with natural, not artificial cultured tones. All ethnicities.
by Joe DiPietro. Director: TBA.
1st rehearsal: August 6, 2019. Runs August 23 – September 8, 2019.
NICK CRISTANO: 30’s; a likable and ambitious NJ Italian American marketing executive.
FRANK GIANELLI: 60-70’s. Nick’s stubborn grandfather, married to Aida. Immigrated to America from Italy when he was 14. Loves family.
AIDA GIANELLI: 60-70’s. Nick’s grandmother, married to Frank. Loves food- it can solve any problem.
EMMA CRISTIANO: 60-70’s; Nick’s grandmother, married to Nunzio. Loves her religion; a mass card can solve any problem.
NUNZIO CRISTIANO: 60-70’s; Nick’s grandfather, married to Emma. Has a bad-news secret.
CAITLIN O’HARE: 20’s; Irish-American nurse. Likable, charming, beautiful. And independent.
by Jeff Daniels. Director: James Glossman.
1st rehearsal: August 27, 2019. Runs September 13 – 29, 2019.
OLIVIA: 40’s, African American, Mitchell’s wife. Sharp, capable, and sometimes acerbically funny. Pregnant with a new child, at a time when there’s not a lot of work available in Flint right now. A woman of faith, but it’s tough to be one right now. Going to make life work, even when things get rough. Needs to be able to sing a hymn with beauty and power.
MITCHELL: 50’s, African-American, Olivia’s husband. A positive-focused enthusiast, who has had to work every day of his life. Used to work on the auto line, now works for a lot less (and no benefits) at Walmart. Smart, decent, and loving, both of his family and his friends. Likes to play with words. Very dry sense of humor.
EDDIE: 40’s, white, Karen’s husband. Used to be foreman at the auto plant, now unemployed. A father and a husband who feels like he used to be great at both, but not any more. Swings between fast, bright, even slightly wired energy and dark, angry hopelessness. He would have been just fine as long as everything had kept on just like it used to. Shouldn’t drink, does.
KAREN: 40’s, white, Eddie’s wife. Nobody’s fool. Loves her husband and her kids, does what she has to, to hold her family together. A long time ago, worked as a pole dancer at a local bar; and lately Eddie won’t let her forget this. Clear-eyed, sees the oncoming train, does what she can to save whatever she can. Sharp sense of humor. Feels everything very deeply.
**All four are working class, born-and-raised children of Flint, Michigan.
by Molly Smith Metzler. Director: Brendan Burke.
1st rehearsal: September 17, 2019. Runs October 4 – 20, 2019.
JESSIE: 30’s; Married to a North Shore native; recently relocation to Port (from Manhattan) to raise her family. Educated, articulate, lovely, warm. From the Midwest and has that Midwestern ready-smile. Beloved by every teacher she’s ever had. Always gives the perfect toast; always organizes the group gift. But in private, Jessie bends towards anxiety. She doesn’t like empty dates on calendars, or being alone. Works 90-hour weeks in the city as a corporate lawyer- or did, until Allie was born. Now she’s in yoga pants. All ethnicities.
LINA: late 20’s/early 30’s; From Long Beach and you can tell immediately – she is very South Shore. Acrylic nails, big hoops, velour track suits, Mets trucker hats, and a huge Italian family. Lina failed out of community college, curses too much and blasts Kanye in her car. But she is fantastically winning, fun, funny and refreshingly genuine. Works at St. Francis Hospital.
MITCHELL: 40’s; Adrienne’s husband, works in investment capital. A math nerd who is amazing with numbers, but not people. Serious, shrewd, sensitive. The kid who ate lunch in the library because he was so shy. He grew up in a tough house in a tough part of Utica and scholarshipped his way to where he is now, so grades, status and success are his currency. But becoming a father has changed him. He makes goofy faces now. He stares out of windows during meetings. His sentences end in question marks. All ethnicities.
ADRIENNE: Late 30’s; Mitchell’s wife. Elegant, powerful, aloof and slightly rock n’ roll. Has eyes that are cat-like and assessing. The kind of woman you see climbing out of a dark sedan at JFK headed somewhere more glamorous than you. She grew up on Central Park West, attended posh boarding schools, studied art abroad and could give you the best-ever guided tour of MoMA. She has never signed an e-mail with an x or an o, but she is loyal and ferocious in both business and life. A successful jewelry designer. All ethnicities.


Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.



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