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Jul 31
Editorial : Daniela Rettore for Marie Claire Hong Kong with Daga Jez

Photography: Daniela Rettore. Fashion Stylist: Benedetta Ceppi. Hair & Makeup:…

Jul 30
Editorial : Kate Davis-Macleod for Well Curated Magazine with Jena Goldsack

Publication: Well Curated. Photographer: Kate Davis-Macleod. Beauty Director: Camilla…

Jul 30
Editorial : Jiajia Tan for Luxiders Magazine with Frankie Herbert and Charlotte Folkman

Photography: Jiajia Tan. Creative Direction and Styling: Alexia Planas Lee. Styling…

Jul 30
Editorial : Memet Erol for Marie Claire Turkey with Dana Sedova

Photography: Memet Erol. Fashion Editor: Atahan Küçükatalay. Hair Stylist: Burhan…

Jul 29
Editorial : Photographer Anja Poulsen for Costume Magazine with Jessica Lee Buchanan

Publication: Costume Magazine. Photographer: Anja Poulsen. Fashiong Stylist: Annika…

Jul 29
Editorial : Photographer Paolo Martinez for Madame Figaro with Sophie Strobele

Photography: Paolo Martinez. Fashion Styling: Carole Matray. Model: Sophie Strobele.

Jul 28
Editorial : Photographer Arnaud Pyvka for ELLE France with Cindy Bruna

Photography: Arnaud Pyvka. Fashion Styling: Nora Bordjah. Hair Stylist: Sebastien…

Jul 28
Editorial : Luis Monteiro for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia with Alexina Graham

Photographer: Luis Monteiro. Fashion Stylist: Kristine Kilty. Hair Stylist:…

Jul 27
Editorial : Luis Monteiro for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong with Kate Konlin

Photography: Luis Monteiro. Styling: Petra Wiebe. Hair & Makeup: Carsten Richert.…

Jul 27
Editorial : Matt Solomon Exclusively for Fashion Editorials with Zoe von Stieglitz

Photographer & Stylist​: Matt Solomon. Hair & Makeup: Claire Melhuish.Model:…